A few links to feed the curious, curry favour, encourage people to utilise the service of my wife’s biz so she can keep me in the style to which I’ve become accustomed, or which just seem interesting — if not always completely germane — to the world of Perfectshire…

  • Lift Consultancy –  organisational & behavioural development consultancy that works with the best to achieve the best (run by the Missus)
  • The Next Wave Thoughts (and potential faults) of ‘futures’ thinking type tomfoolery from Man with Brain the Size of a Planet Andrew Curry. Ocassionally feels like you’ve entered a salon from the 25th century mid-conversation, but always clever, interesting and diverse stories, tilled more regularly and judiciously than the loam of Perfectshire.
  • The Living Garden: a mindful digital polemic… ‘One day all gardens will be made this way…’ Pitching (in October 2014) to get it published as an ebook via Unbound crowd source site. Meanwhile a few Garden ornaments here.
  • Dominic Connor’s column in The Register – occasional but always worth a read and a refreshing, honest tone.



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